Whilst some people do prepare for their own funeral in advance, it is most often the case that a family member must arrange a funeral quickly following the death of a loved one. In such sad circumstances it can be very difficult to know what to do.

Funerals can held in a church, or a Funeral Home, or even in the deceased person’s home. The Committal (the last part of the funeral service) can be at either a graveyard/cemetery or at Roselawn Crematorium. Whatever the location, if you would like a minister to officiate at the funeral, then they will visit you to offer pastoral support, and to help you choose hymns and Bible readings. If a family member or a friend would like to speak about the deceased person in the form of a eulogy at the funeral, then that can be arranged. Otherwise the minister will say a few words summarising the person’s life. They will also preach a short (and sensitive) sermon proclaiming the Good News and the Christian hope that death is not the end.

Please note that that the first person to contact is the Funeral Director (also known as an Undertaker). There are several very reputable Funeral Directors in Ballymena, the details of whom you can find online or in the Phone Book. They will explain the process of what happens, and will then make all necessary arrangements – including contacting the Clergy.