The Church of Ireland acknowledges and embraces the ministry of all Christians, believing that God has assigned a role to every member of the Church. We therefore seek to include as many people as possible in the management and activities of the parish.

The Clergy are individuals who have felt called by God to a leadership role within the Christian community. Through a selection process, their calling has been affirmed by the Church, and consequently they have been trained in a Theological College. Most clergy ministering in the Church of Ireland will have trained in Dublin at the Theological Institute (formerly called the Divinity Hostel and then the Theological College) which operates in conjuncion with Trinity College. An individual becomes a member of the clergy when they are ordained by their Bishop. This is why members of the clergy are often also referred to as “ordained ministers”.

The word “minister” means “servant”. Tto a large extent this word can be applied to anyone who is involved in carrying out the work of the Church, and so all Christians are ministers in a broad sense. Some individuals exercise a leadership role within certain pastoral or worship-related ministries, and if these people are not members of the clergy, they are then identified as Lay Ministers.

The Church of Ireland in Ballymena, as with any organisation, requires certain individuals to oversee its management in order to make sure that it operates effectively throughout the year. To that end, some members of the parish are appointed or elected as Officers. Together with the Clergy and representatives of the parish, these Officers form the Select Vestry, which is our management committee.

The Select Vestry employs members of staff and appoints voluntary Support Officers as it deems necessary.

There are of course many volunteers who work tirelessly for the parish, and whose hard work enables the Church to carry out its mission here in Ballymena.