Lay Ministers

The Rector, assisted by his Curate, has overall responsibility for overseeing and developing the ministries of the Church within this parish. To advise and support him in these duties he has appointed a Ministry Team which meets once a month and provides a forum for discussion and planning.

Members of the Ministry Team:

Revd Mark McConnell
Mr Jim Perry
Mr Ivan Stacey
Mr Barry Duke
Mrs Dawn McLean
Mrs Adelaide Nimick
Mrs Anne Todd
Mr Alan Ross
Mrs Lucy McLaughlin
Mr Trevor Halliday
Mr Les Hughes
Mrs Liz Hughes
Mrs Stephanie Johnston

Many members of the Ministry Team have individual responsibilities for ministry within the parish:

Jim Perry is our Diocesan Lay Reader, meaning that he has been licensed by the Bishop to lead regular services of worship (excluding Holy Communion) and to preach. Jim has been carrying out these duties throughout the Diocese of Connor since 1985. He regularly leads worship in our parish. He has been a member of the Church of Ireland in Ballymena all his life and has contributed to the ministry of the church in various ways. Over the years Jim has been involved in business in senior management including Northern Ireland Electricity Service and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.  He presently owns a small retail business in Ahoghill.  He is also chairman of the Board of Governors of Ballymena Academy.

Barry Duke, Dawn McLean, and Ivan Stacey are our three Parish Readers.  They have been licensed by the Bishop to lead regular services of worship (excluding Holy Communion), however they may not preach, and they may only lead worship within the three churches in this parish.

Trevor Halliday is our Commissioned Lay Minister for the Elderly. He works alongside the clergy and the pastoral visiting team in order to befriend and care for the housebound.

Adelaide Nimick is our Commissioned Lay Minister for Healing and Prayer Ministry. She leads the Prayer Support Teams and the Healer Prayer Group, and works alongside the clergy to develop the ministry of healing within the parish.

Alan Ross is our Commissioned Lay Minister for Youth. He is also one of our two part-time Youth Workers. In conjunction with the clergy and the Young Persons’ Steering Group, Alan develops the parish’s ministry to children and teenagers.